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Ali of all Trades


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

I suppose you can say it all began when I was about 6. I wanted doll clothes & my mother handed me a sewing needle, spool of thread, & an old shirt I had outgrown, and basically said "you've got this". I can honestly say this mind set continued my entire life. I'd take apart old Christmas light strands and broken toys to wire my doll house. I designed and built bookshelves for my childrens' rooms because nothing I ever saw in the stores fit the area I wanted it in or the style I imagined. I made their bibs, and built their 2 story playhouse. I've built dining benches, tiled my house, reupholstered sofas, and enjoyed some of the most fun I've ever had up-cycling everyday items into prettier or more useful items. Occasionally it was done out of sheer need and lack of money at the time, other times it was done because I saw no reason to throw away hard earned money. Usually it was simply because I could do it just as well or better.

Passionately Curious

When I'm not busy 'doing', I'm busy 'questioning'. I love, love, LOVE learning new things. From how things are made, to what things do. This searching can be 'how to repair something around the house', but it is many times learning what different herbs or foods do, what are benefits or dangers in the things around us, the latest technology, etc. I'm always curious. I live in the middle of a major city, but I have my little backyard 'urban farm' where I grow many fruits, vegetables, enjoy our hens & dog, we relax in hammocks and are always down for a epic battle on the ping pong table. An amazing getaway from the 24/7 screens and technology.

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun

I always strive to find balance in life. Life can not solely consist of responsibilities, obligations and routine. I find I can breathe deepest in the spaces where I can create. Bringing ideas to life, helping others bring their ideas to be makes my soul happy. It is why I can never feel comfortable being the Master of One, but truly enjoy being the Jack of All Trades... but in my very own unique way. It is why I am unapologetically me, an Ali of All Trades


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